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A Kuoni honeymoon -
the most wonderful gift for newlyweds

Book your honeymoon through Kuoni and enjoy unforgettable
moments in the most romantic destinations in the world.

Your honeymoon

Make the best day of your life last longer with a wonderful honeymoon. Experience unforgettable moments and enjoy your happiness together to the fullest. Treat yourselves to whatever your hearts desire – private moments together, white sandy beaches and relaxing with a good glass of wine while watching a romantic sunset.

Honeymoon – The beginning of your adventure together

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to venture off the beaten track and spoil yourselves rotten. When arranging your honeymoon with Kuoni Uzwil, you and your dream holiday are all that matters. We would be delighted to provide you with individual and professional advice in planning your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon – the most wonderful wedding gift

Let your family and friends share your happiness! When booking your honeymoon, we will give you your own wedding website which you can design yourself. You can use the website to let others know about your upcoming wedding or make it easy for your guests to give you your wedding gifts – those who want to contribute towards your dream holiday can do so at the click of a mouse. You can say thank you to your friends and relatives by letting them in on selected moments from your honeymoon via your website.

The following addenda to the general terms and conditions of use apply to use of Kuoni's Honeymoon Website.

Scope (addition)

The Honeymoon Website is a service made available by Kuoni to bridal couples who book honeymoons directly with Kuoni.

The bridal couple receives its own login for the use and design of its own Honeymoon Website (hereinafter "Personal Honeymoon Website"). Kuoni does not accept any liability for the contents or use of the Personal Honeymoon Website.

The Personal Honeymoon Website can be protected with a password, so that only specific people (e.g. the wedding guests) authorised by the bridal couple can access it.

Personality profile (changed)

Kuoni will not pass your data or personality profile on to third parties. Your data will not be used for commercial purposes.

Cancellation of the honeymoon

The bridal couple acknowledges that if they cancel their honeymoon (that is, if they cancel more than half of the total amount of their honeymoon or do not book any travel despite using the Honeymoon Website), they will be charged a flat fee of CHF 250 to cover the costs of administration and support with the design of their Personal Honeymoon Website. Kuoni reserves the right to charge additional costs (in particular credit card fees). Netting against the client credit accumulated via the Personal Honeymoon Website is expressly permitted.

Area of application

The information and regulations on use are based solely on the content and services that are available on or that have been accessed from the following domain https://honeymoon.kuoni.ch. This shall not affect any regulations or information on other websites of Kuoni Group companies.